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Université de Moncton was founded in 1864 and was officially recognized by Oxford University in 1906. The university ranked 12th in the 2000 Canadian University Undergraduate Rankings and is one of the best universities in Canada. The University of Moncton has three campuses, located in Moncton, Edmundston and St. Barton.

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Université de Moncton currently has more than 6,000 registered students. Due to its unique geographical location, every graduate of the University of Moncton is a bilingual talent in English and French. Its graduates include the current governor of Newtown-Bouchon Province and the Canadian Consul General in Hong Kong. Is it possible to buy a Université du Québec à Chicoutimi diploma online?

The University of Moncton is a comprehensive university with a complete range of disciplines. It has several colleges, including the famous colleges of law, family nutrition, kinesiology, nursing, engineering, and architecture. Its law school is the only university in the world, except France, that teaches common law in French, and enjoys a high status in the legal community. The University of Moncton attracts students from all over the world with its elegant learning environment, safe community (no criminal cases for many consecutive years), excellent faculty and diverse culture.


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