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It is not easy to graduate from graduate school in the United States, because this diploma is indeed “valuable” and the salary that can be obtained after obtaining a graduate diploma in the United States cannot be reached by undergraduates. But if employers can use undergraduates, they will not pay more to hire graduate students.

The average annual salary of a master’s graduate is more than 60,000 US dollars

Many people take the postgraduate entrance examination in order to find a job in the future,  which will not happen in the United States.

Only those who really want to pursue academics or want to study for a PhD will go to graduate school. Most people work after graduation, because the pressure of employment competition in the United States is relatively small, and the entrance examination is not very hot.

Although there are not many candidates for postgraduate entrance examinations. The salary that can be obtained after obtaining a graduate diploma is beyond the reach of undergraduates. In the United States, the average annual income of a PhD holder is $ 89,400; the average annual income of a master’s degree holder is $ 62,300; the average annual income of an undergraduate graduate is $ 52,200; the average annual income of a college graduate is only $ 38,200 .

U.S. companies are also very skilled in employing people. They will not raise their academic qualifications because there are more competitors, because recruiting a graduate student will pay more, and an undergraduate’s competent work will not be left to a graduate student.

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