Singapore Driving Licence
How long to get a fake Singapore Driving Licence

I would like to buy a fake Singapore Driving Licence.  Where to get a fake Singapore ID card. A driving licence in Singapore is required before a person is allowed to drive a motor vehicle of any description on a road in the country. Like many other countries in the world, an individual must possess a valid driving licence before being permitted to drive on the road. And driving licence holders are subject to all traffic rules.

Is it possible to get a fake Singapore DL?

The minimum age to drive a motor vehicle and getting a Qualified Driving Licence (QDL) in Singapore is 18 years old. The driving licence is for the normal lifespan of a person. How long to purchase a NSW driver license in Australia. But continued eligibility to drive requires a medical clearance after reaching the age of 65.

For those who accumulated 13 demerit points and above within the one year probationary period, the licence will be revoked. Driving licences in Singapore are administered by the Traffic Police (TP) of the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

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