IUT Lyon 1 diploma
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The French system of technology universities, known as Instituts Universitaires de Technologie (IUTs), was set up in 1967 to train high-level technicians capable of either entering the workforce directly or undertaking further study. Buy  IUT Lyon 1 diploma online. The IUT network is made up of 114 IUTs throughout France.

Theoretical and professional knowledge is taught side by side with applied skills to create a learning environment geared to achievement. Personalised coaching completes this resolutely success-oriented environment.

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After graduating, around 85% of graduates continue their studies, choosing from a wide array of disciplines and courses, including specialised vocational training, business or engineering courses, or studies abroad. I want to buy a realistic Université Lumière Lyon 2 degree in France

The employability of IUT students is one of the hallmarks of these courses’ success. Three months after graduating with a two-year DUT (Diplôme universitaire de technologie) diploma, nearly 100% of graduates are in employment.

IUT faculty have close ties with the professional community. Many research faculty teach in IUTs and bring students the benefit of their research findings. Through these ties with the professional community, a large number of industry professionals teach in IUT courses, effectively ensuring that the training provided is always in line with the latest innovations.

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