First you have to have a very high definition design drawings, it will need to have a hd samples and professional designer to design complete, hd samples from our company doing the job for many years has accumulated a lot of hd samples, electronic map, pictures, etc., professional designers in our company, of course, also engaged in the work for many years, is quite skilled.When we complete the customer’s electronic rendering and confirm with the customer, then we need to find a factory that is good at making these stamping and printing processes to finish the printing work.This is the final process of printing the product from the design drawing.

The whole process seems easy, but actually operate may be out of a lot of problems, like paper color is not right, hot stamping location deviation, hot stamping effect is not obvious, LOGO printing, text and the wrong words, etc., in our company, we will help you deal with these problems well confirm to communicate with you, until there is no any problem.