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At the end of the 15th century, the Atlantic Ocean route from Europe to the Americas was opened by Columbus. Get a Harvard University degree. Harvard University degree,                                 Harvard University diploma, and Europeans traveled across the ocean to the Americas. SFSU Degree-San Francisco State University Forged Degree.At the beginning of the 17th century, the first British immigrants arrived in North America, where they opened up their own “Eden” – New England.

There are more than 100 Puritans in immigrants who have had classical higher education at Oxford and Cambridge. They were able to receive this education in their new homes in the new homes. They were established in 1636 on the banks of the Charles River in Massachusetts. Harvard College, the first institution in American history.

Harvard College

On October 28, 1636, the Massachusetts Gulf Colony Council passed a resolution to decide to build a higher education institution in accordance with the University of Cambridge, UK, with an annual grant of £400. The school was first named “New College” or “New College” (the college) At New Towne) became the first higher education institution in the United States.
On September 14, 1638, Pastor and Dean of Emanuel College, J. Harvard died, and he donated half of his savings of £720 and more than 400 books to the school.
In the same year, the school was officially opened, and the first students were 9 in total.

On March 13, 1639, in order to thank and commemorate the generous donation of Pastor John Harvard to the college in the early days of his founding, the Massachusetts Gulf Colony Council passed a resolution to rename the school “Harvard College.”

In 1780, Massachusetts enacted a new constitution, Harvard College was expanded and renamed Harvard University; in the same year, a medical professorship was established. After the medical department was opened, the professors carried out various scientific research and published the research results in academic journals in North America and the United Kingdom. The natural sciences finally established a solid position at Harvard and began to influence other colleges.


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